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Lotus Love Rae

Yoga instructor


Lotus Love Rae

Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Holism Integrator

Lotus Love Rae had been traveling and volunteering in Belize, and completed Frog Lotus Yoga 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training earlier that year in Costa Rica, and was happily living in travel mode. At 28, she found herself in an eco-village on the Big island in Hawaii. Artists, musicians, free fruit, and sustainable living ensued while learning a whole different lifestyle than her East Coast roots.


Lotus work-traded teaching yoga on Raina for four months with nothing to do but learn how to be. No work, no school because the Universe spoke to her as Source. That's right; alchemy, and "Sourcery"; living in the jungle, composting toilets, coconut and avocados falling from the trees, jack-fruit ripening while being told to learn how to just "be".


Just learn how to "be". You are here "For such a time as this”. And so she started her Hawaiian journey.


Applying to the University of Hawaii in Hilo, 2015, Lotus thought Marine Biology would be rad as a major, when in reality she was most successful in Counseling Psychology. She changed her major to Psychology as it was much more therapeutic. She also got to positively add to her massage therapy training, bodywork, and energetic healing through this source, to study and learn about herself through insight and internal questioning. “Who am I?” she asked herself, and then, how to counsel others to help them self-actualize as well.  It was perfection, and a career goal to have taken classes on love, work and happiness, and positive psychology which gave her the experience to be called a Life coach.


Lotus has studied lifespan development, personality development, child behavior therapy, linguistic studies, and communication. Not only did she love it, she got to read and write, and help others by listening and understanding. How wonderful to get to listen! All the meditation, yoga, qigong, all the breath work, all the massage classes, all learning how to listen to her body, her thoughts, and to others, not just others words, but their subtle body energy, finally coalesced in such an incredible fashion!


Since then, Lotus has learned to trust God first of all, to be able to communicate with her Higher Power, and study archetypes of Deities throughout diverse Aeon's and cultures. She is a Master Healer, a Master Channel, and as a child and instrument of the Living God, the Holy Spirit is her Voice of Reason and constantly giving her words and art, all the while working through her to serve. All she has to do is just "be". She is grateful to be able to connect and reconnect others with Spirit Center. Utilizing an interactive therapeutic system she calls, ”Holism”, Lotus Love Rae will integrate yoga, meditation, Chakra balancing, Mantra sound healing, cranio balancing, and massage into group therapy. She continues to create one-on-one personal connections with individuals, and is honored to be a part of this Healing Retreat offering counseling, divine Prism dance, divine Prism Flow yoga, qigong massage therapy, and subtle body energy and Reiki utilizing "Holism", and Divine healing therapy with “Divine prism flow”.


With the guidance and wisdom of her soul sister, Joleen, Lotus Love is thankful for her helping bring her goals and dreams to fruition with these healing warrior retreats.


Aloha ai nui!


Wild Heart Warriors